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A regular exercise routine is not just a great way to stay fit and healthy as you get older; it is also a key part of any weight loss plan. If you are looking to shed a few pounds, you will, of course, have to make changes to the kind of foods you eat. But more importantly, you will need to start taking the right kind of exercise to target the areas of the body where most women see their excess fat — legs, bums, and tums.

Any exercise is good for your general health and well-being, but if your main aim is to lose weight, you need to be working specifically on burning fat and toning those troublesome areas around your middle.

Toned in 10 is a new exercise program which aims to do just that; focus on the areas that need the most attention when it comes to weight loss, and all in just ten minutes per day, five days per week. After all, most moms or working women — and especially those combining the two – don’t have the time or the energy to go to the gym for an hour a day to workout. Besides, those outdated ideas of cardio routines and lifting weights have now been replaced by new and innovative thinking in routines like Toned in Ten.

New Fitness Techniques for a New You

The creator of Toned in Ten, Erin Nielsen, has turned a lot of pre-conceived ideas about exercise and losing weight on their heads. She claims that if you put in the hard work and follow her Toned in Ten program, then ten minutes a day is all you will need to shift excess fat from your thighs, stomach and bottom, lose weight and get the toned, slimmer figure you’ve always wanted.

In fact, she goes even further, claiming that long cardio sessions in the gym are not only stopping us from effectively losing weight but are actually making it harder for some people to shift the weight they want to lose. Cardio is not an effective fat burning tool for several reasons, including that many people eat more after a tough cardio session, feeling that they have already burnt off the calories. Others who find cardio sessions difficult or dull may not be carrying them out at the required intensity level to actually have any fat burning effect.

There is also the increased risk of injury among those who do high impact cardio activities such as jogging, especially as women get older and joints and muscles become more prone to damage. Recent studies have even found that undertaking long cardio sessions can age the skin due to the release of potentially damaging free radicals after exercise.

Alternative Fitness from Toned in Ten

Following the Toned in Ten program and exercising instead in short but intense ten-minute bursts is a much more effective way to burn fat without any of the boredom of cardio sessions or the risk of skin damage from long periods of exercise in the gym. Toned in Ten is perfect for those who have done no exercise before and you can do it at home with no specialist gym equipment — ideal for those men and women who have to work or keep an eye on the kids and who can’t spare the time to go to the gym.

Toned in Ten’s effectiveness is linked to Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC. This is the amount of fat that your body burns even after you have finished exercising and is something that you don’t get from long cardio sessions. Intense bursts of exercise produce the best EPOC effects and studies have shown that the kind of workouts featured in the Toned in Ten program can continue burning fat for up to 38 hours after you finish exercising.

In addition, there is some evidence that Toned in Ten and the short, intense workouts it advocates can actually help the body produce more human growth hormone (HGH). Not only does HGH help the body to develop lean muscle and burn excess fat, but it can help you look and feel younger by reversing signs of aging such as skin damage; the very opposite effect to long cardio sessions in the gym.

Toned in Ten is a great way to exercise at home, at a time that’s convenient to you. For just 50 minutes of effort every week, you can see real benefits in terms of losing weight, burning off excess fat and toning your thigh and abdominal muscles for a slimmer figure. As with all exercise programs, you have to stick to the workouts and keep up with the exercise routines to see the benefit, but Toned in Ten really makes it easier to achieve your goals.

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